The snow came in. We rushed out to find a rough day but bravely fought the gusty winds and hail and heroically struggled to find ourselves eventually on top of the Billebjär mountain. No fear are the words …

Bra placering

Well, the ol’ man rocks. It was my day at Saxtorp. The yearly Enduro Special was an easy kill where most youngsters were left behind. It made me feel good to enjoy the score board keep me up top: 9 of 121 in my class, 12 overall of the 246 5-lapers. Third in FMCK Malmö.


23-26 June

We hauled the pack all the way up to Lövåsen to spend the Midsummer with E&A in their new fantastic house on the slope of the mountain. We passed the usual Midsummer tests with dignity and focused on what nature provides…


1st week January 2006

We stayed in Tore’s house in Edsåsen, quiet and away from the Åre yuppies. Spent the week exploring the pists and tracks on many slopes. Ended up with a refreshing snowmobile ride at -20C, no wind, and clear blue sky.


PK finally made it. The adventure came to her and after a number of cancellations (due to weather conditions) she took off from Torna Hällestad together with Kajsa and Leif, and hit ground at sunset near Lackarlänga.