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  • Tyskland

    2-8 July PK & I made up our mind the last minute. Throw the stuff in the A6 and left for Germany. We spent a few days absorbing various historic moments in Dresden, Greifswald, Stralsund, and explored Rügen.

  • Wanås

    Maman, that’s not mama. ”Mama” leans a little airy against Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider at our visit to spectacular Wanås.

  • Kinekulle

    23-24 March Kinekulle is a magnificent creation. We always thought Spring was ahead in Skåne, but when PK’s refreshingly young mother chased us on the mountain trail, we got lost in the beauty of the early blue anemones, for the first time this year.

  • Sydafrika

    6-20 January Berit and Mikael had plans to visit Ana and Oskar in South Africa. Plans changed as Ana got a new job and we had to wake up and figure all out on our own during two weeks. South Africa, around Cape Town where we stayed, is the most beautiful place on earth.

  • Slough

    Leaving for Slough. Ana and Oskar embarked at Landvetter and inevitably left Sweden for Ana’s new job. Slough is probably not a paradise on earth, but Heathrow is close and Sweden just minutes away.

  • Midsommar

    23-26 June We hauled the pack all the way up to Lövåsen to spend the Midsummer with E&A in their new fantastic house on the slope of the mountain. We passed the usual Midsummer tests with dignity and focused on what nature provides…

  • Danmark GN

    PK, Ida, Tobbe, and I hauled our bikes up to Finderup to fight in one of the best races in the area, Danmark GN. This was Ida’s first DGN and she really did great on the first two laps in perfect conditions and the last during heavy rain.

  • Grekland 2005

    4-12 May. PK and I hit ground in Athens, bus to Piraeus, ferry to San Torino. Had a couple of luxury and wonderful days on the slope of the mountain. Took off to Naxos, found a nice little hotel with a balcony filled with bougainvillea and a glass of ouzo.

  • Kajsa i syd-ost-asien

    Kajsa back-packed around in South East Asia January-March 2005 and grow from her lifetime experience. She has seen more than most of us, of what life is all about.