Silvåkra maraton

Vissa saknade rätt klädsel och rätt fokus när Ida & Tobbe släppte lös rekordmånga i Silvåkra maraton. Detta är ett fantastiskt initiativ som ger alla som vill njuta av natur i kombination med mer eller mindre allvarlig tävling ett unikt tillfälle. Förra årets premiär plågades av regn och blåst. Idag sken solen och en lätt vind gjorde hettan hanterlig. Jag tror alla som deltog länge sänder lyriska tankar till Ida & Tobbe och längtar till nästa maj.

Tillbaka på banan

Jag anmälde mig till LMKs Enduro, som vanligt. Det var min första gång på 250X-en och första tävlingen efter vadbensbrottet. Försökte köra lugnt och säkert men genomförde en hyfsat bra tävling ändå. Det blev visserligen ingen topplacering i år – på LMKs fantastiskt nutida resultattavla.


Ida och jag hälsade på min bror Pär 1-2 november. Pär kämpar hårt för att bemästra en besvärlig sjukdom. Tungt.


I had difficulties getting the bike behave my way. I still don’t know if my abilities failed or if I just wasn’t tuned in. Nothing really worked for me today and no surprise when a stump grabbed my fot and the pain took me down. After a rest in the pit I decided to go for another lap. After several turns I realized it didn’t work. Loaded the trailer and went home, did some work in the garden under pain and stopped. My true male macho behavior made my through the next two days, but then Berit said, wtf, go see a doctor. The obedient slave I am forced me to the ER Wednesday morning. After X-ray I was thrown in a wheelchair and was sigend up for surgery. Good old titanium doesn’t only work for high performance pipes, it also keeps the old man in one piece.

Malmö open 2007

30 August – 2 September. Oskar played at the final table and lead big time for a while. He ended up 2nd though, but wasn’t too disappointed leaving the place with a decent check and a fairly nice trophy.

Silvåkra maraton

Silvåkra marathon, one of her many projects. Ida decided to get ready for and run a marathon. Why not do it right from scratch and arrange one yourself. She and Tobbe had an open invitation that attracted runners, bicyclists and horse-back riders. A fantastic arrangement, extremely wet though, that we look forward to again next year.


True colors – This day was probably not meant for me as my bike left me no peace. I had to kick like crazy and decided to give up the race. When all others were on the gate for the first moto the bike started and I ran to get in position. I had a really good start ahead of most but ended up in a spectacular crash wide open in 5th gear.


PK finally made it. The adventure came to her and after a number of cancellations (due to weather conditions) she took off from Torna Hällestad together with Kajsa and Leif, and hit ground at sunset near Lackarlänga.