Ladies convention PK took the train to Linköping, hooked up with Elinor and then moved on to Gärdala to see Lena. I have heard them plan the reunion over the last couple of years and finally it happens. I bet the three ladies had a lot to cover and shared rumors naturally maturing over several years – deep friendship lasting forever.


28-29 July

Pilot tuning Ida and I hooked-up with Rickard, Borra and Marcus to be coached by Raggarn. We spent two wonderful days with them: the first day on the Anneberg track and the next day in Skene. As a bonus we spent time on the Skene track with the Johansson enduro team, the only official Honda team in Sweden, and got some healthy Honda tuning tips. Day 1 ended with a heroic Jr ”Evel Knievel” Olsson stunt.


10-29 July

Ghana Ida & Tobbe went to see Maiko. She is there on a volunteer program for a couple of years and dedicated to the task to bring the fast living culture to the people who thinks tomorrow is just another day. She is looking forward to pay back with a visit to Sweden in December and to the opportunity to revert to good western life with tons of DVDs, a sofa and potato chips.


Distance is no hurdle for genuine friends. Midsummer pulls us together since we once were young students. Eleonor and Anders told us they’re now moving further south, but not far enough. Only to Vadstena.


12-13 May

Libby, our dear friend from Painters Lane in Chesterbrook, deserved the weekend break with us, in-between business visits. A good lunch and a walk on the Skanör harbor beach showed an other of our best spots.


Dear Robin found heaven at Revinge this Wednesday night. His first ride on my MX bike told me, this guy know what life is all about and could soon be on my back at the track. We are together on a national mentor program and are absolutely compatible.

Utanför tullarna

7-8 April

This year Marianne, Kjell and we toured the west coast to explore what the weird artists figured would attract us. We found Torekov to be a mini-Stockholm and rushed through the country to find healthy Danish beer at a reasonably ranked restaurant on the other side of the strait.


23-26 June

We hauled the pack all the way up to Lövåsen to spend the Midsummer with E&A in their new fantastic house on the slope of the mountain. We passed the usual Midsummer tests with dignity and focused on what nature provides…


1st week January 2006

We stayed in Tore’s house in Edsåsen, quiet and away from the Åre yuppies. Spent the week exploring the pists and tracks on many slopes. Ended up with a refreshing snowmobile ride at -20C, no wind, and clear blue sky.