The snow came in. We rushed out to find a rough day but bravely fought the gusty winds and hail and heroically struggled to find ourselves eventually on top of the Billebjär mountain. No fear are the words …

276 cm3

276 cm3 Thought about a piston change, but faced an offer I couldn’t resist. Just bolted on an Athena 82 mm cylinder and the 250 was powered by 27 additional healthy cubic centimeters.

Möte i Köpenhamn

The family gathering at Radisson SAS in KöbenhavnAna had to go to Köbenhavn to initiate a Clinical study. Oskar joined her on her trip and the rest of us decided to cross the bridge to see them for dinner. A wonderful moment with the expats on safe grounds again.


27-28 Jnauary

The poor parents worst fear is now reality: the last kid is leaving home for her own living in Lund. We hauled Kajsa’s stuff to her new home in pain and with mixed feelings.


Leaving for Slough. Ana and Oskar embarked at Landvetter and inevitably left Sweden for Ana’s new job. Slough is probably not a paradise on earth, but Heathrow is close and Sweden just minutes away.


The tradition to spend Christmas with Berit’s parents has come to an end. We all miss that, but were fortunate to have all our heartening ones close to us anyway: Ana & Oskar, Erik & Kajsa, and Ida & Tobias. What a lovely family.


Ana came back from the interview in London and said, -I got the job at Orion. Ana and Oskar are getting ready to move to England and London – of all places…


Kajsa is on her way out of the house. The condo we just found and she soon moves to is being restored – old enough to demand an extensive overhaul.

Bra placering

Well, the ol’ man rocks. It was my day at Saxtorp. The yearly Enduro Special was an easy kill where most youngsters were left behind. It made me feel good to enjoy the score board keep me up top: 9 of 121 in my class, 12 overall of the 246 5-lapers. Third in FMCK Malmö.